34 Pre-cut Super King Size Tips Black

34 Pre-cut Super King Size Tips Black

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kr 10.00

The New 34 pre-cut super king size Filter tip is specially designed to fit
our Super King size rolling paper.

It's made for all the smokers out there who loves rolling like a boss!

Every Smokers Choice Filter Tips is wrapped in a protective lay. 
We know that smoking gear is placed anywhere and not always on clean surfaces. 
We are the only company who puts our mind in protecting our costumers from bacteria and dirt on the tips.

You never have to roll up with a filthy and unsafe filter tip ever again. 

  • Slim Size Filter Tips – ★ 
  • King Size Filter Tips – ★★
  • Super King Size Filter Tips – ★★★
  • Extra Large  Size Filter Tips – ★★★★