Who is Smokers Choice?

It feels like an eternity since we first started developing our unique conical filter tips.
We have spend years perfecting our filter tips product, and since then slowly expanded our product line to include rolling paper and rolling trays, and creating new innovative designs, to reach the demands of modern day smokers. 
Our filter tips are definitely our cornerstone, but we love working on all sorts of different fun projects. For example we often employ danish artists for our rolling trays designs, which makes them unique, and we get to support the danish art culture.
Our team consist of highly enthusiastic people, excelling in their own fields, while all help contribute to deliver a product we're very proud of.

Creativeness is our very core - and we're never done evolving! From always measuring and testing different paper-types best suited for filter tips, to our excessive artist-team continuously developing new designs and artwork. We always strive to be better, and be the smokers first choice.
We are inspired by our audience, thankfull to everyone who are in love with our products, we promise you to never stale and to consistently deliver the best smoking experience available - the choice is yours.